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  • Proud of our Long Service Record

    October 2015

    We’re extremely proud of our long service record which is something of a rarity in this day and age. A quarter of all Seddons Plant employees have worked for us for at least 20 years and our average length of service is more than 13 years.
    We actually have an ‘Over 40’s Club’ which now includes six members of staff who have been with the company for more than 40 years. This exclusive club now includes Peter Anderton, Paul Goulbourne, Paul Wilson, Steve Hodge, Pauline Rutter and Steve Howell.
    May we also congratulate several other members of staff who have celebrated significant working anniversaries with the company this quarter. A big roll call to:

    Duncan Brooks, Bolton Technician Team, 35 Years
    Trevor Turton, Fenton Depot, 30 Years
    Paul Hack, Normanton Depot, 25 Years
    Iain Cole, Bolton Logistics, 20 Years
    Adam Jackson, Winget, 15 Years
    Alison Gibbons, Bolton Reception, 10 Years
    Sandra Howarth, Bolton Reception, 10 Years
    Andy Daniels, Aidrie Branch Manager, 10 Years
    Ian Carr, Winget, 10 Years

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